In Photos: Star Bright Farm

By Evan Howe

Located about 45 miles from Passenger headquarters, Star Bright Farm is a beautiful 130 acre organic farm in White Hall, Maryland. Over the past 25 years, the Elmore family has pursued their vision of sustainable agriculture focusing on soil health, water conservation, and the cultivation of perennials.

Having recently added a selection of beautiful dried botanicals from Star Bright’s 2021 harvest to Passenger’s Tea Menu, we wanted to share photos from our most recent visit to the farm back in June, shortly before many of our current Star Bright offerings were harvested. Given that the vast, vast majority of Passenger’s coffees and teas are produced in faraway places, and are not “local” in any sense, it is a very rare treat to be able to drive a short distance and spend time learning in conversation with a producer in this way. While still at an early stage working together, we are incredibly inspired by the regenerative vision that Peter Elmore and his family are pursuing at Star Bright and very proud to share their soothing and restorative herbs on our menu once again.

Chamomile flowers in bloom

"At Star Bright Farm, we view the practice of farming as a human creative expression, observant of the blueprint that nature provides; our goal is to foster a durable ecosystem that generates human wellbeing and regenerates environmental health." – The Elmore Family

Farm Manager Peter Elmore with Evan Howe

In Photos: Star Bright Farm