Introducing the Passenger Cup Taster's Membership

By Evan Howe

Drawing from a truly expansive menu and offering unparalleled year-round quality consistency thanks to our practice of preserving all green (unroasted) coffee in deep freeze storage, Passenger’s coffee subscriptions offer a fabulous range of customizable options, making it easy for you to enjoy a steady supply of delicious coffee in your home or office.

With the addition of the Passenger Cup Taster’s Membership, we are excited to offer a brand new way to explore carefully selected coffees from our menu. As opposed to our existing subscriptions, where you select the subscription type, volume, and frequency based on personal preference, the Cup Taster’s Membership is curated by Passenger’s coffee department, and will offer a guided tour of six coffee pairings that we’ve selected as a special comparative tasting journey for our members.

Cup Tasting, or “cupping” as it is often called in the coffee industry, is a simple, standardized format for tasting multiple coffees comparatively. Whether you are a seasoned coffee professional or a brand new coffee enthusiast, tasting at least two coffees side by side is one of the best ways to continue developing your palate. And Passenger’s menu of offerings, together with our frozen archive of notable harvests from the past, offers almost unlimited opportunities to explore coffee through comparative tasting. 

We have a truly exceptional series of coffee pairings lined up for Season 1 of the membership, so we hope you will consider joining the fun! And please don’t worry if tasting coffee in this way is a brand new experience for you. From the carefully selected cupping supplies in the membership welcome box to the monthly videos and digital content that our team will create and share to accompany each month’s installment, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to enjoy cup tasting at home. 

Registration for the inaugural six month season of the Cup Taster’s Membership will close on December 22nd, 2021. For more information, check out the membership page!

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