Passenger Special Release Collection 01: Exquisite Geshas from Ethiopia and Panama

By Evan Howe

As the promise of warmer summer days beckons in our hometown of Lancaster, we are very proud to share four beautiful coffees from the Gesha Village Coffee Estate, Hacienda la Esmeralda, and Elida Estate that we have chosen to present as a unique collection of special releases.

In contrast to offerings from these famous farms that have graced Passenger’s Reserve Lot menu in past years, these latest highly limited lots from the 2021 harvests in Ethiopia and Panama will only be available in custom 100 gram packaging, featuring a vibrant original design by Texas-based visual artist Kyle Steed.

The four microlots that we are sharing in this collection offer exquisite, and contrasting, expressions of the gesha variety and beautifully represent the achievement of three remarkable farms. Adam Overton and Rachel Samuel at Gesha Village, the Peterson Family at Hacienda la Esmeralda, and the Lamastus Family at Elida Estate have all inspired the specialty industry with their innovative practices, and earned international acclaim for the exceptional quality of the coffees they produce. Two Gesha Village auction lots - one wet processed and one dry processed - are singular expressions of “Gesha 1931”: a variety that is very similar in morphology, and cup characteristics, to the famed Panamanian gesha that is famously associated with Hacienda la Esmeralda, Elida Estate, and other notable farms in the Boquete region. By presenting two coffees from the Ethiopian region credited as the original source of the gesha variety alongside two coffees from the region that truly put the gesha variety on the map in the early 2000’s, we hope to provide a compelling opportunity for exploration and comparative tasting.

Since our start as a roasting company, Passenger has existed to offer a broad spectrum of memorable coffee experiences. From the year-round quality consistency of our Foundational coffees, to the adventurous profiles and unique stories of our Education Lots, to the immaculate cup qualities of our Reserve Lot offerings, we strive to curate a diverse menu that will complement a variety of moments and appeal to a variety of palates. With this inaugural collection of Special Releases, we are proud to share coffees from three internationally renowned coffee producers, in a new format that encourages savoring, and reflection. As with every coffee we have the privilege of roasting, we hope they will bring pleasure and inspiration.

Passenger Special Release Collection 01: Exquisite Geshas from Ethiopia and Panama