Guatemala Felicidad, New Seasonal Offering

As our Finca Candelaria Seasonal Offering comes to a close we are ready to release an Antiguan lot that showcases the flavors and cup profile that we so dearly love from this beautiful region.

Darjeeling Tea

The famed tea author and educator James Norwood Pratt refers to Darjeeling as the “Tea Gods gift to mankind.” In drinking these teas, it is quite easy to understand why.

Passenger Instant Coffee

We are over the moon about our latest collaboration and what it means for your flights, camping trips and those new to specialty coffee...

Our Offerings Menu

The Passenger offerings menu has always focused on presenting world class coffees. In releasing our Education Lots we hope to present a collection of coffees that not only taste wonderful, but have a pedagogical role as well.

In Photos: Guatemala 2017

Passenger's focus within Guatemala is in and around Antigua. This year we extended our relationships south with the addition of Finca Candelaria in Alotenango.

Jeovany Rivera: The evolution of a farm

There exists an eagerness in Honduras; a willingness, motivation and ambition to produce the best coffee in the country.

Kenya, Quality and the 70/30 Split - Part 2

Further exploration of Kenyan coffee culture, the 70/30 split, and what has the most impact on quality in coffee.

Kenya, Quality and the 70/30 Split - Part 1

Driving around Kenyan coffee country with various agronomists, Passenger's green coffee buyer, David Stallings, was continuously being told information that didn't line up with what we so certainly believe to be true based on what is in the cup.

In Photos: Gesha Village Estate, Ethiopia

Team Passenger takes a journey to the furthest reaches of Ethiopia where Gesha Village Estate owner, Adam Overton, is on a mission to produce the best coffee in the world.

Four Plants of Ethiopia

Green coffee is Ethiopia's most important export item, but coffee doesn’t do it alone. There are unsung heroes of the plant kingdom that allow coffee, and the people who produce it, to thrive in Ethiopia.