In Photos: Gesha Village Estate, Ethiopia

By Kyle Sollenberger

Team Passenger takes a journey to the furthest reaches of Ethiopia where Gesha Village Estate owner, Adam Overton, is on a mission to produce the best coffee in the world.

Four Plants of Ethiopia

By David Shaub Stallings

Green coffee is Ethiopia's most important export item, but coffee doesn’t do it alone. There are unsung heroes of the plant kingdom that allow coffee, and the people who produce it, to thrive in Ethiopia.

Reserve Lots

By David Shaub Stallings

In sourcing our Reserve Lots traceability and quality are focused on just as much as when sourcing our seasonal offerings. Seasonality and purpose, on the other hand, are thrown out the window.

Every Coffee is Special

By David Shaub Stallings

Every coffee we buy for Passenger is special. Every sample we receive is rigorously tasted, and re-tasted to make sure it is a coffee we would be proud to sell to our customers.