Gesha Village - 2019 Wet Processed


Honeysuckle and floral hops on the nose introduce an elegant, immaculately clean cup with watermelon-like sweetness, mild strawberry acidity, and delicate cocoa on the finish. As with all of our favorite harvests from Gesha Village, this selection offers an incredibly pristine representation of time and place.

Year after year our green buying team is drawn to the complex floral and fruit character produced by the 1931 Gesha variety on Gesha Village in southwestern Ethiopia. The unique plant genetics combined with meticulous processing and excellent growing conditions make for one of the most delightful coffees we experience each year.

Gesha Village, Ethiopia

Gesha Village Estate is located in Western Ethiopia, a stone's throw from the South Sudanese border, and a 2-days drive from the country's capital, Addis Ababa. Founder, Adam Overton, and team maintain a 471-hectare coffee farm that was built from the ground up over the last six years.

Passenger has been fortunate enough to work with Gesha Village since their inception and is one of the only roasters in the world that has maintained a cryogenically stored catalog of each harvest.


Founder of Gesha Village, Adam Overton