Intense ripe berries and citrus on the nose make way for a cup whose sweetness and clarity of flavor is slightly obfuscated by an overripe strawberry character. Distinctly Kenyan in character, look for a clear blackberry note in the finish.

Our third year buying from John Njoroge of Kiriani Estate in Murang’a Kenya, we are presenting this coffee as an Education Lot to highlight the importance of proper processing. This coffee presents flavors that, to our palates, are just over the line that divides clean coffees from unclean coffees. Strictly speaking we think this coffee is unclean, but still possesses many enjoyable characteristics. We hope that by offering it as an Education Lot consumers will learn about our buying preferences, and also the importance of proper coffee processing.

Coffees sourced with unique qualities in mind

Education Lot Coffees are kept in deep freeze storage

Education Lot Coffees are kept in deep freeze storage

Passenger Education Lot coffees are selected to highlight either historical significance, socio-economic importance, or unique plant genetics. Each one tells a story of how coffee producers are pushing the envelope.

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