2004 Bamboo Coin - Raw Puer

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Stored in bamboo sections from 2004-2014, and then wrapped in paper, this Raw Puer has been aging in Kunming, China since it was produced.

The Kunming climate makes for a dry storage environment and, as such, teas stored there typically retain more of their original character compared to teas stored in wet environments such as Guangdong or Taiwan, which can become more defined by the flavors associated with being stored in heat and humidity (flavors that are reminiscent of wet, even mildewy hay). Incredibly approachable for this style of tea and easy to prepare, each coin is 10 grams and can easily be split in half for a gaiwan or small teapot. There is a complex dried citrus quality to this tea that is underpinned by a nuanced smoke character and hints of stone fruit. The finish is reminiscent of menthol and there is a powerful cooling quality that comes up from your throat long after imbibing. This is a great deal for a Raw Puer that has been stored well and has nice, dry storage aged flavors to it.

Brewing Notes
Rinse tea for 10 seconds with 205°F water prior to brewing. Using 205°F water, steep roughly 1/2 gram of leaf per ounce of water for 2 minutes. Add roughly 30 seconds to each subsequent steep. This tea can be successfully steeped 3-5 times.
Yunnan, China
Tasting Notes
Dried Citrus, Menthol, Smokey

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