About Us

We've found that coffee and relationships have a lot in common. Both take time to foster. Both take a lot of care and attention to the details. Both reveal the joys of discovery, learning, and sharing.

We love the way coffee brings people together and we feel completely honored to have a small part in that. Passenger was born out of these simple pleasures, uniting our talents and skills into one passionate pursuit in the city we love.

Our Core Values

Uncompromising Quality

Quality at every touchpoint. From the meticulous sourcing and roasting of our coffees, to assisting our wholesale partners in realizing the ideal way to layout and interact with their new cafe — we are laser-focused on providing the best possible experience.

Sustainable Practices

The only way to ensure the healthy development of a truly specialty coffee market is to incentivize quality. We put our money where our mouth is and pay top dollar to the farmers, producers and exporters we work with. The direct result of which is a living wage for coffee farmers and the continuation of the specialty coffee movement. The indirect result being an ever so slightly more expensive cup of coffee for the consumer.

Open Collaboration

A rising tide lifts all boats. If we want everyone to understand and experience what makes specialty coffee different, we must work together. We make it a point to collaborate with like-minded businesses from seed to cup.

Continuous Learning

This is an ever-changing business that requires a deep level of knowledge and understanding. Our team strives to stay on top of the latest trends, balancing them with that which is time-tested. We also believe that knowledge is more powerful in the hands of many and strive to pass it on whenever possible.