About Us

Passenger exists to seek out and thoughtfully present the world's most memorable coffee & tea in a way that demonstrates the viability of an equitable supply chain.

Coffee and tea have their place in our lives. They warm our morning commute. They connect us with co-workers. They give us a reason to escape for an afternoon walk.

They’re an everyday pleasure.

Because they’re also an invitation. To try something new, learn something unexpected, and experience, if only for a moment, something exceptional.

For us, this journey starts at the source. By building meaningful partnerships with producers throughout the world, we actively support an equitable supply chain.

Once harvested, we present our products with the same level of intentionality. Our unique storage methods transform how we experience coffee from a seasonally-changing crop to an archive of notable harvests.

This allows us to meet you where you are with an extensive, ever-expanding catalog. Whether our suggestions lead to an everyday favorite or surprise you with a new, special occasion blend, we’re here to support you with distinctive coffees and teas at every stage of your journey. 

Food & Wine Best Coffee Roaster in PA 2022

Food & Wine Best Coffee Shop in PA 2022

Food & Wine Best Coffee Shop in PA 2019

Food & Wine Best Coffee Shop in PA 2018

We Believe...

Meaningful connections matter.

We believe the journey, along with the people you meet along the way, is just as important as the destination. We offer a guided approach to discovering and enjoying coffee and tea, prioritizing your unique experience.

Intentionality has a real impact.

There’s thought behind everything we do, from choosing the producers we work with to determining how we present our coffees and teas. This translates to a more equitable supply chain, and a carefully considered experience for each drink we make and each guest we welcome through our doors.

Coffee is both complex and approachable. 

Our coffees have distinct flavors and unique stories. But while coffee is complex, the fundamentals of serving and enjoying it are simple. We believe that no matter where coffee fits in your life—or what you know about specialty coffee—we can support you as you discover something new.