Arnaud Causse - Java - 2017

Arnaud Causse - Java - 2017


A milk chocolate base grounds a coffee marked by subtle fresh apricot acidity with caramel sweetness and a wafer cookie finish. A beautifully clean example of the java variety, this lot is the definition of nuanced elegance.

Passenger initially featured this variety selection from Ecuadorian producer Arnaud Causse back in 2017. Thanks to our ongoing practice of keeping our entire inventory of green (unroasted) coffees preserved and fresh in deep-freeze storage, we often take the opportunity to save small amounts of previously featured harvests in the freezer for future enjoyment. It is a distinct pleasure to re-release our final small allotment of this coffee a few years later, affording one last opportunity to enjoy Arnaud’s beautiful 2017 java.

The arabica variety referred to as java has an interesting history. As the name suggests, the variety is thought to have been introduced from Ethiopia to the Indonesian island of Java by Dutch colonists in the early 19th century. According to World Coffee Research, java was initially thought to be a selection of the Typica variety type, but following recent genetic testing, it was revealed to actually be an Ethiopian Landrace variety - a lineage that potentially helps to explain its relatively high resistance to coffee leaf rust and coffee berry disease.

Arnaud Causse is a highly accomplished coffee producer whose farm, Los Tolas, is located in the northern Ecuadorian province of Pichincha. In 2017, Passenger first featured this java variety selection from Las Tolas. Shortly before the coffee sold out, our coffee department set aside a small portion of the lot, keeping it fresh in our frozen archive for a future re-release. A few years later, we’re excited and proud to offer a last taste of this unique coffee and hopeful that we will have the opportunity to offer fresh variety selections from Las Tolas in the not so distant future.


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