Benti Nenka - 2020


Intense aromatics of honeysuckle, rose, ripe nectarine, and browning sugars introduce a memorable cup with sumptuous flavors of bergamot, peach, and a candy-like watermelon note as the coffee cools.

Passenger’s green buying team revisited Guji, one of the most renowned coffee producing regions in southern Ethiopia, during our last sourcing trip in January, 2020. Among the many coffees that we cupped on that trip, this lot, processed at the Guduba wet mill near the village of Benti Nenka, was a standout. Now that we have had the opportunity to taste this coffee again in our home cupping lab, we think that this is not only one of the best Ethiopian coffees we tasted on our trip, but one of the finest examples of the Guji profile that we have ever tasted!

As with other stunning coffees from Guji that we have had the pleasure of tasting in the past, this freshly arrived offering from Beni Nenka is remarkably complex, offering a harmonious bouquet of floral and fruit-driven flavors.

Last January, as a part of the Passenger’s annual buying trip to Ethiopia, we made the long drive from the capital city of Addis Ababa to Guji: a storied coffee producing region in Ethiopia’s southern highlands that has been the source of many of the finest Ethiopian coffees we have tasted in recent years.

The Guduba wet mill is a washing station located near the village of Benti Nenka within the woreda (a “woreda” is a regional district) of Hambela Wamena, Guji. Over the 2019/2020 harvest, approximately 589 smallholder coffee farmers delivered their coffee cherry to the Guduba wet mill which is owned by Eyasu Worasa, a native of the region who brings over a decade of experience to his management of the washing station.

When spending time in this beautiful region of Ethiopia, the dramatic altitudes are impossible to ignore. It is one of the few regions in the coffee producing world where one has the routine experience of driving over a ridge and then winding down the mountain in order to reach altitudes that are low enough for coffee to grow!

This crisp, sweet, and stunningly complex lot, meticulously processed at the Guduba wet mill, was one of the most delicious coffees we had the pleasure of tasting on our last trip to East Africa. Thanks to well executed processing at high altitude, this selection offers an incredibly clean taste of the beautiful coffee varieties of the region: a mix of Ethiopian Landraces (a blend of indigenous Ethiopian coffee varieties) and selected varieties brought to the region from the Jimma Agricultural Research Center.