Buufata Konga - 2017

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Buufata Konga comes to us through a private washing station in Yirga Cheffe, southern Ethiopia. Remarkably well processed, this coffee was too delicious to turn down when a sample came across our cupping table in early spring of 2017.

This lot has been waiting in freezer storage since arriving and is tasting just as fresh as it did upon landing in the States.

Ethiopian coffees can, at their best, present the most coveted flavors in all of coffee, and this lot has all of those flavors. Jasmine/coffee blossom aromatics are bolstered by complex citrus ranging from bergamot to meyer-lemon, supported by ripe stone fruit qualities and underpinned by a profound sweetness reminiscent of raw honey.

2,000 MASL
Harvest Season
November - January
Yirga Cheffe
Heirloom Landraces

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