Ciriaco Quispe - 2020

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    Fig, red apple, cocoa, and toasted almond aromatics introduce a cup characterized by brown sugar sweetness, flavors of green grape, milk chocolate, and cooked berries, and pleasantly integrated acidity reminiscent of a ripe pear.

    A coffee from Ciriaco Quispe’s tiny farm in Puno, Peru was one of the first coffees on Passenger’s menu when we debuted as a coffee roaster in May of 2014. We are incredibly proud to continue presenting microlots from this amazing producer year after year.

    Ciriaco Quispe is a member of the Inambari Cooperative, one of the top cooperatives in all of Peru. Even within the context of this stellar group of producers, Ciriaco’s coffees have always stood out. A coffee from his farm was part of Passenger’s original offerings list when we debuted as a roasting company in May, 2014 and we have felt exceedingly proud to see Ciriaco’s coffees become well-loved standbys of the Reserve Lot menu in the nearly seven years that we have been presenting them

    All of the members of the Inambari cooperative are small in terms of landholding, with an average farm size of 2.5 hectares (about 6 acres). The coffee in this region is often picked by the farmers themselves. If more hands are needed for harvesting, neighbors are sometimes employed. Coffee is depulped using hand cranked machines, fermented in concrete tanks and washed in the same tanks. Similar to Colombia, the harvest season can be rainy in this part of Peru, so parabolic (raised, covered) beds are employed for drying.

    Ciriaco comes in well below the average farm size with less than one hectare of land. His farm is at a staggering 1,850 meters above sea level and he has planted a healthy mix of Bourbon and Caturra plants. In the cup, Ciraco’s coffees offer everything one wants and expects from a good Peruvian coffee: chocolate notes, a pleasant concentration of sweetness, and a nice, plush mouthfeel. But, his coffees also tend to offer qualities that you don't expect from many Peruvian coffees, such as incredibly complex fruited acidity. Not a bright, in-your-face acidity, but a prismatic, shifting, backbone type of acidity.

    This tiny two-bag lot was harvested on Ciriaco’s farm in early autumn 2020. It landed in the States in November and was placed in deep freeze storage in early January, 2021.

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