This lot was grown in Huila before being sent to a decaffeination plant in Colombia where it was processed using Ethyl Acetate derived from Colombian-grown sugar cane. Each box contains six packets, each containing five grams of instant coffee. Simply add eight to ten ounces of filtered water (hot or cold) to a packet, stir and enjoy!

    This instant coffee was produced by our friends, and Passenger alumni, Swift Coffee. Swift extracts the soluble material from roasted coffee and then freeze-dries it, removing the water and leaving what can be rehydrated and enjoyed instantly. Stored away from moisture and light, this instant coffee will stay good indefinitely and is perfect for camping, road trips, flying on a plane, or lazy weekend mornings.

    Passenger Blends

    Each Passenger Blend is comprised of coffees from our year-round Foundational relationships and aim to taste amazing under any preparation method.

    The blend components are held in deep freeze storage year-round prior to roasting, ensuring that this coffee stays fresh and consistent regardless of the time of year.

    Order individual bags, or start a Blends Subscription for fresh, delicious coffee, delivered right to your door.

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    Instant Coffee

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