El Guayabal - Gesha - 2020

El Guayabal - Gesha - 2020


Sweet florals, kiwi, cocoa, and marzipan on the nose introduce a cup offering a pleasing balance of tropical fruit flavors and milk chocolate sweetness. Look for jammy cooked berries and a refreshing pomelo quality on the finish as the coffee cools.

This vibrant, deeply sweet gesha variety selection from Veracruz, Mexico is one of the very first specialty coffees from Jesus Javier’s farm, Finca El Guayabal, to be exported to the States. While Jesus’ project at El Guayabal is admittedly still at quite an early stage, the excellent quality of this lot points to a very bright future.

Jesus Miguel Sabag Javier is a coffee producer whose farm, Finca El Guayabal, is located in Mexico’s department of Veracruz. El Guayabal is named for the many guava trees that Jesus’ father cultivated on the land before deciding to plant coffee. Jesus, who inherited the farm from his parents, was initially producing mostly sugar cane and conventional coffee, but decided to shift his focus for the farm last year when he became aware of the higher earning potential that specialty coffee production offers to his family.

Due to the fact that specialty production at El Guayabal is still at a very early stage, there is not currently a wet mill at the farm. This remarkably impressive gesha - one of the first specialty lots to be produced by Jesus and his family - was selectively harvested and then transported to a nearby coffee association where processing was outsourced to local consultants. Given the truly nascent stage of specialty production on this farm, the excellent quality of this lot points to a very promising future!

Jesus Javier’s 2020 El Guayabal Gesha represents the first Mexican gesha, and only the fifth Mexican coffee, that Passenger has purchased to date. While a variety of factors continue to make Mexico a challenging place to buy coffee, we see huge potential here and hope to identify more significant opportunities to support specialty coffee production in this beautiful country down the road.

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