While a delicate floral quality reminiscent of honeysuckle is certainly present, this unique gesha from Elida Estate is especially notable for its rich sweetness and ripe fruit character. We find notes of toasted almond, cocoa, and toffee on the nose that are beautifully complemented by flavors of dried mango, cherry, milk chocolate, and sweet citrus in the cup.

    This rich and creamy wet processed gesha from the world renowned Elida Estate in Panama offers a deeply sweet, impeccably balanced expression of the storied terroir of Boquete. After careful preservation in Passenger’s freezer facility since time of arrival, we are incredibly proud to share this beautiful coffee alongside three additional geshas from Ethiopia and Panama as a limited Special Release collection.

    Wilford Lamastus is a third-generation producer, self-identifying as being “born” a coffee farmer. Wilford fondly remembers using the trees planted in between the coffee on the family’s 1.5 hectare plantation as a playground along with his four brothers. Coffee is and always has been his life’s calling and the tradition continues with his son who is currently learning the family trade in pursuit of his own career as a coffee producer.

    What sets the Lamastus family apart is their vision of Elida’s niche within high-end specialty coffee. To remain atop this field, the Lamastus family invests in research in processing techniques, particularly in drying and resting methods, such as the ideal drying periods and storage facilities for parchment. Since the Panamanian coffee sector does not fund a research program or lab like many other countries, the Lamastus family, along with their neighbors and colleagues, belong to the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP). As a farming community and as a formal organization (the SCAP), producers are regularly sharing knowledge, experience and information.

    The Torre plot is an ideally situated piece of land located at the highest elevation of the Lamastus family’s Elida coffee farm. Coffees grown at this specific location have been repeat 1st place winners in both the washed and natural categories of the annual Best of Panama competition. We are incredibly pleased to share this beautiful 2021 wet processed gesha from the Elida Torre plot as one of four extraordinary coffees that are being added to Passenger’s menu as a highly limited Special Release collection. As a group, these four coffees offer a fascinating, and memorably delicious, exploration of the renowned gesha variety.

    Special Release

    The four microlots that we are sharing in this Special Release collection offer exquisite, and contrasting, expressions of the gesha variety and beautifully represent the achievement of three remarkable farms - Adam Overton and Rachel Samuel at Gesha Village, the Peterson Family at Hacienda la Esmeralda, and the Lamastus Family at Elida Estate.

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    Since our start as a roasting company, Passenger has existed to offer a broad spectrum of memorable coffee experiences. From the year-round quality consistency of our Foundational coffees, to the adventurous profiles and unique stories of our Education Lots, to the immaculate cup qualities of our Reserve Lot offerings, we strive to curate a diverse menu that will complement a variety of moments and appeal to a variety of palates. With this inaugural collection of Special Releases, we are proud to share coffees from three internationally renowned coffee producers, in a new format that encourages savoring, and reflection. As with every coffee we have the privilege of roasting, we hope they will bring pleasure and inspiration.

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    Kyle Andrew Steed (KAS) is an artist, author, husband and father. By working with a vivid palette Steed offers his viewers a light by which to explore. His shapes lean into familiar territory of our humanity while keeping any direct representation at arms length. View more of his work at kylesteed.com

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