Elida - Green Tip Gesha 2017

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A third generation coffee producer, Wilford Lamastus runs one of the most famous and decorated coffee farms in the world and yet continues to pursue quality at every touch point.

Produced on one of the highest elevation coffee farms in the famous Boquete coffee producing region of Panama, this lot is a wonderful representation of both masterful processing and the Gesha variety.

The floral qualities expected of a quality Gesha lot are without doubt found on the nose of this coffee, but what makes this lot particularly interesting is the complex and clean fruited qualities found on the palate. Fresh stone fruits and red berries accompanied by a deeply saturated sweetness, and supported by bergamot acidity appropriate of the variety make for an incredibly complex and exotic washed Gesha.

1,650 - 1,890 MASL
Harvest Season
January - May
Green Tip Gesha

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