Frozen Peaks - Bug Bitten Dong Ding

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Dong Ding (translated Frozen Peaks) teas are traditionally charcoal roasted, but this beautiful lot is a jade version of this legendary tea. Having no roast applied to the finished tea allows for the famous Qing Xin cultivar to fully express its aromatic grandeur.

Grown at 700 meters above sea level in Lu Gu township in Nantou, Taiwan, this Dong Ding lot also carries the distinction of being Bug Bitten. Small insects resembling grasshoppers bite the tender shoots of the tea plant forcing the plant to release chemicals that contribute to a unique, honeyed aroma not otherwise present in the finished tea. The bug bitten aroma is distinct in this tea and manifests as a clear clover honey note.

Brewing Notes
Using 205°F water, steep 1/2 gram of leaf per ounce of water for 2-3 minutes.
Qing Xin
Nantou, Taiwan
Oxidation Level
Picking Date
Spring 2017
Tasting Notes
Raw Honey, Cinnamon, Floral

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