Frozen Peaks - Classical Dong Ding

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A Classical presentation of Dong Ding (Frozen Peaks), this lot was oxidized to roughly 30% before being charcoal roasted to a medium level.

The masterful roast on this tea brings out an intense sweetness and flavor character not otherwise present in this cultivar. Grown at 700 meters above sea level in Lu Gu township in Nantou, Taiwan, and made from the famous Qing Xin cultivar, this tea is one of two Dong Ding lots we purchased from the 2017 spring harvest - the other being an unroasted, jade preparation.

Brewing Notes
Using 205°F water, steep 1/2 gram of leaf per ounce of water for 2-3 minutes.
Qing Xin
Nantou, Taiwan
Oxidation Level
Picking Date
Spring 2017
Roast Level
Tasting Notes
Floral, Cane Sugar, Candied Nuts

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