German Córdoba - 2018

German Córdoba - 2018


German Córdoba was one of the founding members of the Divino Niño producer group, and served as its first president, when it formed in 2004. This delicious tabi variety selection from his farm La Morelia was purchased in 2018, approximately one year before he took first place at the inaugural Copa Suaceña regional competition with a later harvest of the very same coffee.

Bright cranberry, apple, browning sugars, and baking spices on the nose lead to a complex cup offering pronounced cooked fruit qualities. In contrast to German Córdoba’s 2019 Copa Suaceña lot which leads with a bit more green apple and citrus, this offering from 2018 highlights jammy fruit flavors of blackberry and cooked plums and lingers with a subtle tropical fruit quality on the aftertaste.

Passenger’s approach to freezing coffee often results in particular coffees taking on new contexts or layers of significance during the time between their purchase and the moment, sometimes years later, that they make their way from our frozen archive to the Reserve Lot menu. This 2018 lot, produced by German Córdoba at his farm La Morelia in southern Huila, Colombia is a perfect example.

When Passenger’s green buying team purchased this tabi variety selection from Don German in 2018, it was approximately 1 year before he would take first place at the inaugural Copa Suaceña in December, 2019. The Copa Suaceña is a regional cupping competition, organized by our friends and partners at Osito Coffee, that was created to identify and recognize the highest quality coffees produced by a community of farmers that Passenger has been building a partnership with for the past few years. Starting with a community blend that that we continue to buy and present on Passenger’s Foundational menu under the name “Divino Niño”, our sourcing team has continued to expand our buying from these producers, adding additional coffees from this group to the menu of our sister company Necessary Coffee, and purchasing a significant share of the top 6 winning lots from the Copa Suaceña in 2019.

While we had no way of anticipating German Córdoba’s eventual competition success back in 2018, it wasn’t a complete shock since, as this present release makes perfectly clear, we had already gained an appreciation for how delicious his red and yellow tabi can be! At the time of writing, a portion of German Córdoba’s competition lot is still available on Passenger’s Reserve lot menu, leaving open the possibility of tasting two harvests of this remarkable coffee side by side. Given the many fond memories that we have made in recent years with the producers of Divino Niño (including the honor of eating a celebratory dinner after the Copa Suaceña with Don German, his wife, and his nine children!), it makes us very happy to share this earlier harvest with you now. When we first tasted this particular coffee back in 2018, it served as one of our earliest indications of the beautiful things that were to come.

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