There is quite possibly no coffee variety more famous than Geisha.

Geisha (also spelled Gesha), is an heirloom variety which, like all coffee, claims the southwest highlands of Ethiopia as its birthplace. How Geisha came into the limelight and received the rockstar status that it has had for approximately a decade is a story of globalization, colonization and commodity trading. Common tropes in coffee.

This Comparative Tasting Box presents two five ounce bags of coffee. One bag is from the famous Hacienda La Esmeralda, in Boquete, Panama. La Esmeralda is the farm responsible for bringing Geisha into the spotlight. The other bag is from Gesha Village, in Gesha, Ethiopia. Gesha VillageĀ is a new estate, started by Adam Overton and his wife Rachel Samuel. This Comparative Tasting Box allows you to taste two very different Geishas. One dry processed lot from the birthplace of coffee and the very town that gives the variety its name, the other a washed lot from the farm that made Geisha famous is known for producing some of the most beautiful coffees available. Boths lots are striking and unique in their cup qualities, but both also retain an intense floral quality that has become the signature of a stellar Geisha.

This Comparative Tasting Box includes two five ounce bags of coffee and informationĀ on the two lots presented.

Dominant Attributes
Two 5oz Bags of Fresh Roasted Coffee
Panama, Ethiopia

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