The acclaimed coffea Arabica variety known as gesha is widely cultivated throughout the coffee producing world today, with highly sought-after gesha microlots commanding some of the highest prices paid for coffee each year. But this was far from the case less than two decades ago. While gesha seeds were originally collected from the Ethiopian forest in the 1930’s by a British colonial expedition, the variety was largely unknown prior to its headline-generating ‘rediscovery’ at the 2004 Best of Panama Competition. When a mysterious coffee, submitted by the Peterson family of Hacienda la Esmeralda, bewitched the blind panel of international judges with its intense jasmine-like qualities, secured first place in the competition, and set a new record for the highest price paid for a coffee at auction, coffee farmers throughout Latin America rushed to plant gesha trees on their farms as well.

    This special collection of three delightful geshas from El Salvador, Colombia, and Mexico offers a unique exploration of this famous variety. All of these coffees have been meticulously wet processed, offering a clean expression of their shared plant genetics and a clear reflection of the time and place of their production. We are incredibly privileged to work with these coffees and our roasting team has made every effort to present them in a way that honors the hard work and dedication that they represent.

    Montecarlos Gesha bears the name of the Montecarlos Estate, a stunningly picturesque coffee farm in Apaneca, El Salvador that is owned and operated by Carlos and Julie Batres, our friends and Foundational Partners since 2017. While perhaps better known as the first farm to produce a commercial harvest of the pacamara variety, Montecarlos also cultivates a gesha of notable provenance: the Batres’ trees were cultivated from seeds obtained directly from the Peterson family at Hacienda la Esmeralda.

    As with the Montecarlos Gesha, our gesha offering from Divino Niño is sourced from a Foundational Partnership. But unlike the El Salvadorian selection which represents a single farm, Divino Niño Gesha is a single-variety “blend” composed of tiny deliveries of gesha from multiple farms, and representing a community of over 40 farming families in the Suaza region of southern Huila, Colombia that Passenger has been buying from since 2018.

    Jesus Miguel Sabag Javier’s coffee farm, Finca El Guayabal, is located in the Mexican department of Veracruz, north of Oaxaca and adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. Veracruz is one of the oldest coffee producing areas in all of Mexico, coffee trees are thought to have been well established on colonial plantations in the region by the late 1700’s. This is the second consecutive year that Passenger has presented Jesus Javier’s spectacular gesha, and we hope to continue the tradition for many years to come.

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