Hermenegildo Marin - 2022

Hermenegildo Marin - 2022

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    Subtle stone fruits and honey on the nose introduce a plush and sweet cup characterized by gentle orange acidity, a creamy and coating mouthfeel, and flavors of cocoa, candied almond, and delicate peach as the coffee cools.

    Hermenegildo Marin is a coffee farmer from the region of Cañada in northern Oaxaca, Mexico. This 100% Typica fully washed lot represents the second consecutive harvest that Passenger has featured Hermenegildo’s coffee. After a long delay due to Covid 19 related travel restrictions, our green buying team looks forward to returning to Oaxaca in the Spring of 2023 to continue exploring the potential of this compelling region..

    Hermenegildo Marin’s farm, named Arboles de Guajes after the native shade trees that grow on the land, is located in the Oaxacan region of Cañada, in southern Mexico. A family operation for generations, the small 2 hectare (~ 5 acre) coffee farm was passed to Hermenegildo by his parents, along with their knowledge of coffee cultivation. Today he continues the tradition, working alongside his wife and sons to maintain meticulous, quality-focused standards throughout the harvesting and processing of their coffee.

    This 100% typica variety harvest possesses notable sweetness and flavor clarity that indicates Hermenegildo’s careful approach to cherry selection and sorting. The honeyed sweetness in the cup offers fresh orange and peach as it cools, while maintaining a supremely approachable cup profile with candied almond, graham cracker, and milk chocolate at its base.

    Despite our first sourcing trip to Oaxaca city in March of 2019 being cut short due to the onset of the Coronavirus, our buying team at Passenger has maintained interest in evaluating the potential of a broader sourcing program in Mexico. As we look forward to a hopeful return to Mexico in the spring of 2023, we’re excited to offer another microlot selection from Hermenegildo as continued evidence of the excellent quality being produced in this region.

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