For this curated holiday box, we’ve decided to highlight Bai Rui Xiang and Mi Lan Xiang: two exquisite teas with intoxicating floral qualities. Xiang is the mandarin word for perfume or aroma. Bai Rui and Mi Lan refer to the specific flowers in which their aromatics evoke. Paired, these teas offer a chance to experience beautiful floral flavors accentuated by the craft of two highly skilled Chinese producers–the Zhou family in Wuyishan and Mr.Chan in Guangdong.

    Bai Rui Xiang also known as “the scent of Daphne” is an experimental microlot from the lush Wuyi mountains. Traditionally offered as an oolong, this microlot underwent the black tea process which adds a level of complexity to the aromatics and richness to its body. Mi Lan Xiang which translates to “perfume of the Honeyed Orchid” is a charcoal roasted Dan Cong cultivar oolong that comes from 100+ year old trees. Side by side these teas compliment one another but can also be enjoyed on their own; Bai Rui Xiang is rich, silky and sweet while Mi Lan Xiang is fruity with floral sweetness.

    In addition to the teas, there is a choice of the Sojourner Tea & Coffee Travel Cup or a FORLIFE teapot. The ceramic coated travel cup is perfect for on the go brewing and easy clean up. It is equipped with a splash guard that reduces spills but can double as a strainer for tea leaves. The teapot includes a stainless steel basket infuser inside which is good for at home or in the office tea brewing. The choice is yours!

    Brewing recommendations

    Bai Rui Xiang – 5g of tea / 340ml water / 205℉ / 2:30 steep time
    Mi Lan Xiang – 4g of tea / 340ml water / 195℉ / 2:30 steep time

    Bai Rui Xiang – Using 205℉ water, steep 1-2 g of leaf per ounce of water for 3-4 minutes. Enjoy multiple infusions, extending the steep time with each one.
    Mi Lan Xiang – Using 195℉ water, steep 1-2g of leaf per ounce of water for 2-3 minutes. Enjoy multiple infusions, extending the steep time with each one.

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