Ivan Gutierrez - Gesha - 2021

Ivan Gutierrez - Gesha - 2021

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    Offering incredible flavor complexity and deep, almost candy-like sweetness, this is a truly delightful expression of the renowned gesha variety. Peach blossom, rose, and tropical fruit aromatics introduce a cup that sings with mouthwatering flavors of watermelon, strawberry, peach, and bergamot.

    Following a long and distinguished career encompassing multiple coffee enterprises in the Tarrazu region, Ivan Gutierrez decided to focus on the production of top specialty coffee on his small farm in the sub-region of Quebrada Grande. This stunning wet processed gesha represents the inaugural 2021 harvest from Ivan and his family, the same year that another selection from their farm was awarded 1st place in the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence competition.

    Ivan Gutierrez has been working with coffee in one way or another since early childhood. He was born and raised in the town of Santa Maria de Dota within the famous coffee producing region of Tarrazu and recalls spending time in the coffee fields at a young age, helping his parents collect coffee cherries during harvest. After a few years away from home to complete his education, Ivan returned and began his career in coffee in earnest.

    Until recently, Ivan was primarily focused on large scale coffee production that has been a central focus of his family’s business for generations. Over time, he and his relatives pooled resources to purchase a number of plantations throughout Tarrazu, in Santa Maria, Monte Ray, and San Pedro. In 2000, Ivan and his three brothers founded the Montanas del Diamante Mill, a processing site and dry mill that swiftly established a strong international reputation for quality. Then, in 2016, Ivan decided that it was time to shift gears and chose to sell his stake in the Montanas Mill to his siblings. He still wanted to produce coffee, but his new vision was to pursue the highest possible quality on a much smaller scale.

    Ivan decided to purchase new land for his project in an up and coming area that he knew would be perfectly suited to the unique varieties (SL28, Gesha, Typica, etc.) that he wanted to plant. His La Esmeralda farm - where this particular lot was produced - is located at 2000 masl in Quebrada Grande: an area that only a few years ago would have been too cold for coffee production. As the climate has continued to change, a few courageous farmers began to plant coffee trees in the region and these early experiments confirmed the Quebrada Grande area as not only perfectly suitable for coffee production, but possessing of all the necessary ingredients for world class coffee production.

    This spectacular wet processed gesha was purchased from last year’s 2020-2021 harvest at the Gutierrez family’s La Esmeralda farm. The harvest was truly notable in two ways: 1) it was the first harvest produced by Ivan’s brand new project and 2) another lot from the same harvest at this tiny farm was awarded 1st place by an international panel of judges at the 2021 Costa Rica Cup of Excellence! While Ivan Gutierrez admittedly was able to draw on his decades of experience in coffee production when initiating this new project, the quality of the coffees produced at La Esmeralda in year #1 is still nothing short of remarkable. Passenger’s green buying team was very lucky to have the opportunity to buy a small amount of Ivan’s beautiful washed gesha from this historic year, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what the future has in store.

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