La Tortuga - 2018 Harvest


Rich cocoa, baking spices, and toasted nuts form the aromatic base of this coffee that also features subtle herbal/vegetal notes reminiscent of sugar snap peas. Look for more cocoa in the cup, balanced by pleasant flavors of cooked red fruit and a brown sugar-like sweetness.

Thanks to the effect of the Humboldt Current, diurnal temperatures at incredibly low elevations (250 MASL) on the Galápagos Islands are comparable to those at traditionally ideal coffee producing elevations (1400-1800 MASL). La Tortuga, a sweet and balanced low elevation coffee produced on the Galápagos Islands, demonstrates the fortuitous impact of this unique microclimate.

Coffees sourced with unique qualities in mind

Education Lot Coffees are kept in deep freeze storage

Education Lot Coffees are kept in deep freeze storage

Passenger Education Lot coffees are each selected to highlight historical significance, socio-economic importance, and unique plant genetics. Each one tells a story. 

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