Las Nubes - Eugenoides - 2018 Harvest

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Produced in Valle de Cauca, Colombia, this Dry Processed lot was made from a species of coffee called Eugenoides. Our first time offering anything other than an Arabica coffee (the species that nearly all Specialty coffee is produced from), this coffee is unlike anything we have ever tasted. Click the “Download Info Sheet” button below to read more about this fascinating coffee.

Berries, stone fruit, milk chocolate, and toasted brown rice on the nose lead into what is, without question, the most unique cup profile we have ever tasted: notes of berries, cereal-milk, candy, bubblegum, and taro bubble tea finish with a mouth-coating sweetness that reminds us of stevia. Of note is the fact that there is a complete lack of bitterness in the cup, owing to the Eugenoides species extremely low caffeine content. For a company that fancies ourselves fairly straightforward when it comes to tasting notes, we find ourselves having to describe this coffee in ways we never have before. This is a wild and unique coffee.

1,800 - 2,000
Dry Processed
Valle de Cauca
Eugenoides Species

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