Many small producers in southern Tolima contributed their cherry to this impressive decaf lot.

Our Colombian exporting partner then blended together a number of these small producer lots to match flavor and quality standards set by Passenger and sent said blend to DESCAFECOL for decaffeination.

DESCAFECOL is the only Decaffeination plant to decaffeinate coffee grown in the same country using byproducts from produce of the same country. Ethyl Acetate is derived from cane sugar grown in Colombia and used to decaffeinate coffee grown in Colombia in a decaffeination plant located in Colombia. How cool?! Other decaf lots are shipped from origin to either Mexico, Canada or Germany to be processed. The result is an incredibly fresh, surprisingly clean and sweet decaf coffee.

Dominant Attributes
Cocoa, red fruit, cola
1,250-1,700 masl
Washed, then Ethyl Acetate Decaffeination
Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

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