Martha Hurtado - 2020

Martha Hurtado - 2020

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    Dessert-like aromas of marzipan, graham cracker, and cocoa, introduce this stellar offering from Martha Hurtado’s 2020 harvest. In the cup, we find more cocoa, warming baking spices, a plummy cooked fruit quality, and subtle notes of apricot and black tea.

    While the majority of the Colombian coffees that have graced Passenger’s menu over the last few years were produced in the department of Huila, this beautiful lot originates further to the west in Cauca, where Martha Hurtado and her family maintain their small coffee farm Campo Bello.

    This is Passenger’s second consecutive year featuring a coffee from Campo Bello, a farm in the Colombian Department of Cauca that is operated by Martha Cecilia Hurtado and her family. Like many coffee farms in the Andes, Campo Bello is relatively small in size, with only 1.76 hectares (about 4 acres) of land currently in coffee cultivation. The Hurtado family are members of the Misak indigenous group, a community of approximately 21,000 people that principally live in the Cauca region. The Misak are a proud and resilient people that preserve their traditional beliefs, language, and customs with great dedication. They are famous for their distinctive traditional dress that often includes beautiful blue scarves, ponchos, and dark bowler hats. The local economy is primarily rooted in agriculture with potatoes, corn, and coffee the most common crops and coffee the only significant product that is frequently sold outside the community.

    This particular lot from the 2020 harvest, a field blend of the Colombia and Castillo varieties, was processed using a fairly standard approach for the region. Ripe cherry is floated and, following pulping, the coffee undergoes 12 hours of dry fermentation. When fermentation is complete, the coffee is dried on a two-level parabolic drier for 4-10 days depending on weather conditions. After drying, the parchment is transported to a local producer association where it is stored in grain pro bags prior to export.

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