Ogura Matcha

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Produced by a family run cooperative, this matcha comes from the Ogura area of Uji, one of the first areas to produce matcha.

This lot, made from the Uji Midori cultivar, was hand plucked and gently stone ground, producing a remarkably gentle tea replete with flavors of bittersweet chocolate, fresh cream and mint. This excellent tea can be used for thick or thin style preparations.
Brewing Notes
This high grade tea can be used for thin or thick style matcha. For thin, use 2g matcha and 80g of hot water (190°F) per serving, and whisk vigorously with a chasen (matcha whisk) for roughly 20 seconds.
Uji Midori
Uji, Japan
Tasting Notes
Bittersweet Chocolate, Fresh Cream, Mint

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