Passenger - Archival Release #26 - 07/29/22

Passenger - Archival Release #26 - 07/29/22

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    Release #26: Ciriaco Quispe 2017

    Ciriaco Quispe is a member of the Inambari Cooperative, one of the top cooperatives in all of Peru. All of the members of this cooperative are small in terms of landholding, with an average farm size of 2.5 hectares. The coffee is often picked by the farmers themselves. If more hands are needed for harvesting, neighbors are sometimes employed. Coffee is depulped using hand cranked machines, fermented in concrete tanks and washed in the same tanks. Similar to Colombia, the harvest season can be rainy in this part of Peru, so parabolic (raised, covered) beds are employed for drying.

    Ciriaco has less than one hectare of land. His farm is at a staggering 1,850 meters above sea level and he has planted a healthy mix of Bourbon and Caturra plants. In the cup it has everything one wants and expects from a good Peruvian coffee: chocolate notes, medium-plus sweetness, and loads of body. But, it also has a lot you don't expect from a Peruvian coffee, such as incredibly complex fruited acidity. It's not a bright, in-your-face acidity, but a prismatic, shifting, backbone type of acidity. Flavors shift from mango and dried papaya, through complex berries (red and black) and low oxidation oolong tea, over a sturdy base of milk chocolate, caramel and wafer cookies.

    Among many outstanding coffees from this remarkable coffee producer that Passenger has had the honor of roasting over the years, this particular selection from the 2016-17 harvest just might be the finest. After a long and peaceful repose in the freezer, we are proud to share one final taste of this lovely field blend at the present time.

    Freezer Fridays

    The Freezer Friday archival release series provides a unique new opportunity to explore Passenger’s treasure trove of notable harvests from the past. As those familiar with our approach to green coffee preservation will already know, we have actively stored our green coffee in an off-site deep freeze facility since our start as a company, keeping the coffees that we purchase in pristine condition following arrival.

    While the majority of Reserve Lot coffees that we buy sell out within months of their first appearance on our menu, we have, since our start in 2014, saved small volumes of many of our most extraordinary coffees for future enjoyment. 

    Inspecting the harvest at Gesha Village Estates

    Selecting gems from the past at Passenger’s off-site freezer archive

    This year we will begin to make a few of these “greatest hits” available for purchase in extremely limited quantities. Each release will be announced through Social Media and limited to 1 per order.

    The archival lots that we will be releasing in this way are not only shining examples of plant genetics, terroir, and skilled processing, they also offer a unique nostalgic opportunity: to revisit our previous experiences with these coffees and acknowledge once again some of the true high-water marks of producers whose coffees we have been privileged to taste over the years.

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