Rusty's Typica

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Ceylon tea and raisin dominate the aroma of this cup which provides clean, articulate flavors of cocoa and black tea (which we find fairly unique as we usually identify the bittering base qualities of a coffee as being either more chocolate-like in character or more black tea-like in character, but rarely both) and also dried fruit (raisin and dried apricot).

The sweetness is clean and reminiscent of simple syrup with a very clean wet clay/earth-like quality, not too dissimilar from the better cups of Rwandan coffees we have enjoyed in the past, emerging as the cup cools.

Value is a challenging topic in specialty coffee. How much should coffee cost? What elements should or should not influence the final price of a coffee? We purchased this incredible representation of Hawaiian terroir from Lorie Obra not only because we found the cup deeply satisfying, but also because we are excited to present it in a way that challenges our customers to think about what a cup of coffee would cost if every single person in the supply chain was paid a truly livable wage. This coffee is part of our Education Lot series. Read more about our Education Lots on our blog.

500 masl
Wet Processed
Ka'u Hawaii

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