Sandra Jurado - 2020 - Acevedo Cup Winning Lot

Sandra Jurado - 2020 - Acevedo Cup Winning Lot


This beautiful competition lot from Sandra Jurado exhibits the intriguing flavor balance of fruit, browning sugar, and tea-like qualities that have characterized our favorite Acevedo coffees over the years. Raspberry, lemon curd, and baking spices on the nose introduce a juicy cup with bright acidity, brown sugar sweetness, and a mild black tea quality on the finish.

Sandra Jurado’s farm, El Roble, in Acevedo, Huila earned well-deserved recognition when her coffee took 3rd place in the fourth annual Acevedo Cup. Her submission, a field blend of the Colombia and Castillo varieties, is juicy, sweet, and complex, indicating excellent cherry selection and carefully executed processing.

Sandra Jurado is a third generation coffee producer from La Marimba, a hamlet located near the town of Acevedo in the department of Huila, Colombia. For those who have followed Passenger’s Reserve Lot menu for some time, Acevedo is likely to be quite a familiar name.

A frontier town in many senses, Acevedo sits nestled inside the meeting point of two of the three primary mountain ranges that the Andes split into. The socio-political result of this geographical location is that, up until relatively recently, Acevedo was a FARC stronghold. The FARC (The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or in Spanish: Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) was a guerrilla movement involved in the continued Colombian armed conflict from 1964 to 2017. The Guerrilla were able to use Acevedo’s immediate proximity to the jungle for hiding and protection while using the town itself as a place of commerce. Owing to the fact that the FARC was funded by kidnap and ransom, illegal mining, extortion or taxation of various forms of economic activity and the taxation, production, and distribution of illegal drugs, this was not an ideal situation for Acevedo (or the numerous other towns in Colombia with a strong FARC presence).

Also due to the relative proximity to the jungle, the micro-climate result of the geographical placement of Acevedo is warm days with very cool nights and regular cloud cover. This micro-climate provides ideal conditions for quality specialty coffee production. The first time our green buying team tasted a table of coffees from Acevedo we were blown away by the depth of flavor and complexity found in the coffees.

In 2016, Passenger’s green buying team helped organize the inaugural Acevedo Cup: a cupping competition held every year to identify, recognize, and reward the highest quality lots produced by farmers in the region. This beautiful coffee from Sandra Jurado took 3rd place in the fourth annual installment of the Acevedo Cup competition.

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