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    Constructed using coffees from two Foundational relationships, Stowaway is an incredibly balanced blend that presents flavors and aromas embraced by nearly all coffee consumers: chocolate, browning sugars, toasted nuts, and slight florals.

    Comprised of a Catuaí variety lot from the Montecarlos Estate in Apaneca, El Salvador and a Wet Processed coffee from the Agaro region of southwest Ethiopia, this blend performs well and is easy to extract under any preparation method.

    Fresh,Delicious Coffee.Delivered right to your door.

    "Like a master class in modern coffee culture...

    Food & Wine Magazine

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    Just tell us how much, whole bean or ground, and how often, and we'll take care of the rest. With Passenger's Coffee Subscriptions, you will receive fresh-roasted, delicious coffee, without hassle. 

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