Wu Dong - Dan Cong

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This Dan Cong Oolong was grown on Wu Dong Mountain in Guangdong, China.

The tea was picked and nearly immediately fried to stop the enzymatic reactions that would cause the leaf to oxidize and turn brown. The leaves were then rolled briefly by hand and finally put into a special dehydrator. The result is a very green and remarkably aromatic Dan Cong Oolong and one of the most delicious teas we have ever tasted at Passenger. Grown in the Spring of 2018, we imported just two kilograms of this precious lot.

Brewing Notes
Using 205°F water, steep 1/2 gram of leaf per ounce of water for 2-3 minutes. Enjoy multiple infusions, extending the steep time with each one.
Guangdong, China
Tasting Notes
Intense Florals, Butter, Vanilla

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