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India, Karnataka PB, New Education Lot Offering — Our second Education Lot from India from the 2016/2017 Harvest Year, this is yet another remarkably clean, remarkably enjoyable coffee from a terroir that is greatly underrepresented by the specialty coffee industry.

Ethiopia, Homacho Waeno, New Seasonal OfferingHomacho Waeno is our first release from southern Ethiopia this year, our previous lots having been selected from the western part of the country. The lot, which is made up of coffee from some 3,500 small holder producers, is certified organic, and comes to us via the Sidama Coffee Farmer's Cooperative Union.

Colombia, Fernando Bustos, New Reserve Lot Offering — In December of 2016 the Passenger green buying team took place in the Acevedo Cup, a juried competition to find, highlight and reward the best coffees from the 2016 main harvest in Acevedo, southern Huila. This lot, from producer Fernando Bustos, won not only our hearts, but also second prize in that┬ácompetition.