Coffee & Tea Showroom

Passenger's first brick & mortar retail store is in historic downtown Lancaster, PA. Located just steps from Central Market, it's the perfect starting point for a day of exploring.

Enjoy a quick cup of coffee to-go, select a single origin from our extensive menu as espresso or served by Aeropress, or stay and experience our Gongfu tea bar - the menu at 7 West reflects our desire to elevate the sensory experience and put coffee and tea at the forefront.

And it doesn't stop with coffee and tea. Our hand-crafted pastries and biscuits are baked fresh daily by our sister company, Commissary.

Passenger's "Blue Book" Coffee Menu

The Blue Book

Our extensive coffee menu features over 30 coffees available served as Espresso or via Aeropress - An experience unique to Passenger and only available at our Coffee & Tea Showroom.