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    Bittersweet cocoa and red berry aromatics lead into a super clean and balanced cup replete with flavors of molasses, date, cherry, and plum.

    A farm like no other, Daterra is massive in scope yet scrupulous in detail. Named the most sustainable farm in Brazil, this massive estate focuses on a triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit. We are presenting this is as a Foundational Offering. This coffee will be held in deep freeze storage and we will attempt to have it available year-round.

    Daterra is a remarkable farm located in Cerrado, Brazil. Lauded as the most sustainable farm in Brazil and earning the reputable B-Corp certification, this is agriculture on a dramatically different scale than the vast majority of coffee farmers we work with at Passenger. Daterra is 6,000 hectares in size (roughly 15,000 acres). 3,000 of those 6,000 hectares are land preserve. These numbers dwarf all other farms Passenger buys from in Latin America where we have producing partners with as little as .75 hectares of land, not to mention farmers in Burundi, Ethiopia and Kenya that we buy from through cooperatives and whose members have farms measured not even by amount of land, but rather the number of trees they care for.

    Brazil in general, and Daterra in particular, points to one possible future for coffee production. Farms like Daterra push innovation and technology implementation in coffee. For example, Daterra was the first farm to vacuum seal coffees and export them in hermetically sealed packaging rather than in jute bags. While one could argue that something is lost in farms of this size/scope - a level of craft, a distinction in cup profile, the commodifying of an otherwise specialty crop - one can (and should) also strongly argue that without countries like Brazil and people like Luis Pascoal, the owner, and visionary behind Daterra, the coffee world would be floundering without direction and potential for advancement. Beyond this, Daterra is hyper focused on quality and produces what is, in our opinion, some of the best and cleanest coffees in all of Brazil.


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