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    Constructed using coffees from two Foundational relationships, Stowaway is an incredibly balanced blend that presents flavors and aromas embraced by nearly all coffee consumers: chocolate, browning sugars, toasted nuts, and slight florals.

    Comprised of a Catuaí variety lot from the Montecarlos Estate in Apaneca, El Salvador and a Wet Processed coffee from the Agaro region of southwest Ethiopia, this blend performs well and is easy to extract under any preparation method.

    Passenger Blends

    Each Passenger Blend is comprised of coffees from our year-round Foundational relationships and aim to taste amazing under any preparation method.

    The blend components are held in deep freeze storage year-round prior to roasting, ensuring that this coffee stays fresh and consistent regardless of the time of year.

    Order individual bags, or start a Blends Subscription for fresh, delicious coffee, delivered right to your door.

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